Namevine is a fun and easy way to help create an effective Internet identity geared for self-branding, but it can also be used for marketing purposes for your company, whether it’s a start-up, or even an established brand that has yet to build out its online presence.

So… how can Namevine help your business?

Here’s a hypothetical situation: I am starting a company that sells jewelry, perhaps only online, perhaps in a store. But whatever the medium, branding is an important step in marketing my new product. Branding creates an identity for your company; it allows the public to easily recognize, acknowledge your company, and its product.

Branding can also lead to brand loyalty, which is important to secure customers and maintain a strong following. In this digital age, your company’s online identity helps establish this. You have to make your company easy to find, and recognized. It should also be easy to remember so that when its name is mentioned, it sticks in the consumer’s mind.

Back to my hypothetical situation: I give a name to my jewelry company; one that properly symbolizes my business, and is appealing to customers. I want my internet domain name(s) and social media profiles to be uniform with this name so that customers can easily find my company online.

Unfortunately, the most obvious domain names have already been taken (e.g.,, etc.), so I’m going to have to come up with a more creative brandname. 

Normally, I would start by going to or another registrar in an attempt to secure an available domain name. I would also have to go to each social networking site (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.) and make sure I can get a matching profile name in each of these sites with the goal of uniformity mentioned above. This is a time consuming, strenuous task.

But have no fear! Namevine is here (to save your time and energy)! It live searches domain names, and social media profiles for availability as you type in your brand ideas so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of checking each site individually. 

So, here’s how you use Namevine to find a killer domain and matching social media vanity URLs:

1) Go to

2) Start with your own creative names. Maybe you’ll get lucky and it won’t be taken yet! As you type in your potential brand name, the boxes below indicating domains and social media sites will either turn red or green. If it turns red, that’s a no-go; the name has already been taken for that domain or social media site. You can then click on the “view” button to see that particular website. There is also a “whois” button for domain names that tells you about the owner of the site (maybe you can buy the domain from him/her?). If it turns green, that’s a good sign. That means the domain name or profile is available for your taking. The goal is to come up with all green boxes for the domain names and profiles you want and perhaps, even for the ones you don’t want, but for which you want to register just in case you later change your mind.


3) What do you do if all your ideas are taken? Not to worry, Namevine has a new feature that gives you suggestions for available domain names. Type in a keyword, for example “jewelry”. There will be a list of domain names available that include the word “jewelry” and add a descriptor or suffix that might add a punch to your domain name. Click on your preferred suggestion. For example, I might click on “” for my hypothetical company. Then, Namevine will show me if this name is taken for the rest of the domains and social media sites. Lucky for me, they are all available. If they are not, continue looking through the suggestions to find one that suits you and has all the availability you need. 

Available, grab the domain and social media profiles!

4) Once you have chosen your vanity URL, register for those domain names and social media profiles that you want. I would suggest registering for all of the social media profiles so that you can maximize your Internet marketing. Easy, right?

So, this is how Namevine can help you and your company. It makes it easier to create a uniform online identity without having to go through each social media site separately to check for availability, while also trying for domain names. This is a perfect tool for any start-up companies, new products or brands. Try it out!

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